We're such a groovy podcast... This week, Will and Kie talk Sinatra, Clockwork Oranges, and eulogies. 

February 20, 2021

Episode 058 - 30 Rock!

This episode, Will and Kie review an episode of 30 Rock starring Kelsey Grammer, thanks to a donation from a listener! We talk SNL, Tom Jones, and Reagan...

February 14, 2021

Episode 057 - Shrink Rap

The podcast that no beast-master can tame. This week, Will and Kie talk airports, sibling rivalries, and bathroom passes...

Season 3 is here, and with it a new station manager. This week, Will and Kie talk classical music, "sex, sex, sex sex sex sex sex", and military juntas. (Also Kie holds down the fort during a power outage on Will's end...)

Join Will and Kie for a recap of Season 2! Rankings, fun bits, and bloopers! 

January 24, 2021

Episode 054 - Dark Victory

The power's out all over Seattle - so Will and Kie discuss Paris, fireplaces, and Fridays!

January 17, 2021

Episode 053 - The Innkeepers

Les Podcast Heureux! Join Will and Kie as we discuss Cherries Jubilee, soufflé, and the catering business! 

January 10, 2021

Episode 052 - The Simpsons!

This week, Will and Kie revisit a favourite Simpsons episode thanks to a generous donation by our very own co-Quizmaster, Cory!

Tom! We're Listening is bored! You've huffed, and you've puffed, but our little podcast is still standing! This week it's radio shows, the return of sausage and beans in a can, and Bebe! 

En garde! This week, Will and Kie discuss Maris's possible infidelity via fencing, model-building, and diphthongs.

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