This week, Will and Kie apply to Marbury and discuss black eyes, nose bleeds, and turkey. Happy Thanksgiving all!

November 21, 2021

Episode 090 - Mixed Doubles

This week, Will and Kie take on the ludicrous popinjay himself - Rodney! They also discuss singles bars and Niles' subtle declaration of love. 

November 7, 2021

Episode 089 - Head Game

This week, Will and Kie choose not to throw it to McLemore and instead discuss superstitions and Niles' main character energy.

This week, Will and Kie talk favourite authors, Shakespeare, and ask each other just what the hell Bonanza is...

This week, Will and Kie discuss their craziest dreams, Frasier's sexual insecurities, and rate this episode's sleepiness. 

This week, whilst Kie is away tackling some pipe and porcelain, Will chats to Steve and John (of WLP and Frasier Fan Club fame) about Halloween, Frasier, and all things in between. 

This week, Will and Kie discuss love, blind dates, and golf handicaps.

This week, two courageous young astronauts talk accents, axel grease, and pay homage to the great Clive Roddy.

This week, we're sharing the recording of our first ever live episode! Live trivia corner, listener mail, and a lot of Frasier fun in this bumper episode.  

Take I-80 direct to this podcast episode, where we review the final ep of Season 3! Will and Kie talk bean bags, Niles hamming it up, and meet-cutes.

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