This week, Will and Steve look their gift horses in the mouth by talking about favourite presents, Martin's ambiguous timeline, and the Nashville Network. 

Season 5 opens with Will and Steve discussing Frasier's sleaziness, cinching up one's robes, and Kennedy Burling's penchant for charcoal sketches. 

Will and Steve are here, as are many fans of the podcast, to see Season 4 to a close via rankings, live trivia, and general good spirits with the best community on the internet! 

Season 4 Finale! Will and Steve talk airports, first dates, and San Genaro's. Live episode details to follow, watch this space!

This week, Will and Steve discuss Frasier's noir montage, spontaneous gift-giving, and the Elise from Accounting. 

This week, Will and Steve talk shaving, lab rats, and Niles' 'skunking' at the hands of Maris' professional painter.

This week, whilst Kie visits his uncle Jackie in San Francisco, Will is joined by Steve to discuss Sherry's meddling in Daphne's love life, and the proverbial 'I wanna' between her and Niles... 

To...possibilities! This week, whilst Kie is abroad (in Italy, no France, NO ITALY!), Will is joined by WLP's beloved Steve to discuss Frasier's libidinous three-day weekend... *points remote over shoulder and hits play*. 

A Frasier Classic! Will and Steve discuss the KACL-tastrophe that is Frasier Crane's Nightmare Inn...*gunshot*...only grazed me!

This week, Will and Kie discuss sandwich-gate, Marty's amorous hip injuries, and Hank and Hannah Finch.

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