September 13, 2020

Episode 034 - The Candidate

We're Listening...the sane choice. This week Will and Kie talk all things paranormal, Rom-Coms, and find out which way Kennedy Burling would vote. 

OOOH BOMB-O! Will and Kie discuss rain, their hometowns, and Father Mike's inimitable drawl. Plus the usual trivia and games. 

This week, Will and Kie enjoy a beer on behalf of John Q. Public. Further bar-stool discussion includes investment, aftershave, and mini-malls! Plus the usual trivia and games. 

August 23, 2020

Episode 031 - Flour Child

Come and conduct Brahms in a child-friendly environment! This week it's parenting and card-giving, plus some Cheers plot-hole-plumbing. 

This week, Will and Kie discuss (and 'narrate') the email interview they conducted with one of Frasier's most beloved writers: Joe Keenan. Discussing his favourite episodes, actors, and behind the scenes trivia, this mini-episode pulls the curtain back on the show we love. 

Will and Kie discuss the seductions of one Tom Durant; the laughter of Martin; and Frasier's fraternity days. 

NEXT WEEK we'll be discussing our email interview with the writer Joe Keenan, who penned this VERY episode! Make sure you check it out.

This week, our beloved Kie is getting his elbows done in Antwerp, so I am instead joined by fellow Frasier fanatic, and one of the moderators of Frasier Fan Club, John Beale. In this shorter episode format, designed for weeks where Kie or I are absent, we chat to fellow Frasier fans about their love for the show. We'll be back next week with a normal review of The Matchmaker!

This week, Will and Kie get lost in the park as they talk cats, dogs, and Frasier's boy scouts the usual trivia and games. 

There are podcasts...that make audible pleasure rise from a wine-coloured sea... this is one of those podcasts. Join Will and Kie to talk cardigans and literature, plus the usual trivia and games. 

This week, join Will and Kie in their own virtual Cafe Nervosa as they discuss favourite moments from Season 1 as well as offering their individual rankings of all the episodes! Next week, it's on to Season 2!

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