Mary-Anne, ugh we mean Diane, is back to haunt Frasier with lost l'amour. Will and Kie talk olives, profiteroles, and wonderful quotes about night-time.  

It's a marvellous night for a WLP episode... this week Will and Kie talk waltzes, coroners, and bananas. 

The podcast that sends you on your merry way... This Week, Will and Kie talk each other's weight, hoedowns, and Frasier's prudishness. 

April 25, 2021

Episode 068 - The Friend

This week, Will and Kie talk tablecloths, BBQ, and making friends. 

Will and Kie are back with another bonus ep! This week, they look at the pilot ep of The Good Place, thanks to a generous donation from our very own quizmaster, Hothouse Orchid! (Kaitlin). 

This week, Will and Kie talk Red Eyes, antiquing, and classic American films. 

This week, Will and Kie talk favourite Christmas gifts, credit ratings, and jigsaw puzzles. 

This week, Will and Kie talk four-breasted aliens, childhood cereals, and destruction therapy.  

The podcast dripping in musk oil. This week, Will and Kie talk irresponsible service elevator attendants and Frasier's hypocrisy -- From the Desk of We're Listéning.

A 5% raise every year?! This week, Will and Kie talk Star Trek, Red BMWs, and Kate's voice. 

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